Our New Newsletter – Nov 2014

Hello everyone.

Happy Spring.

It is fantastic to have some warmer weather.  As always this has inspired us to get out and be a bit more active.  It is a great time to talk to your trainer about what out of studio activities you could pair with your PT and group classes to boost your overall activity level.  Perhaps consider walking or riding to work or getting off the train a stop earlier to walk the final distance.

Spring is also a brilliant time to get into some lighter cooking.  Explore salad recipes and cold soups to boost your 5+ a day intake of veggies.  We have been enjoying a Mexican Tortilla Soup from Wahaca, a London restaurant.  Find the recipe here and you can buy the dried chillis required at Casa Iberica on Johnson St in Fitzroy.  A little chilli heat is great to get the blood flowing isn’t it.

We have welcomed both Alex and Greg to the team recently and said goodbye to long term trainer Mark.  Alex and Greg are exceptionally warm and experienced trainers and we are excited to have them with us.  Introduce yourself to them next time you in the studio at the same time as them.

We have been considering some trail running and/or cycling tours to the North East, where Pete now lives, for some outdoor inspiration.  Considering either Beechworth or Dinner Plain as options – have a chat to the trainers about your thoughts on heading away for a Vital Habits Retreat weekend – don’t worry there would be lots of “balance in your life” with great food and wine to top and tail the exercise.


The Vital Habits Team