Women’s Self Defence Workshop

June 21st 2015

3pm – 5.30pm

Vital Habits is delighted to offer our first Women’s Self Defence Workshop designed to empower women and improve confidence by teaching the knowledge and skills to improve your ability to recognize dangerous situations and perform self-defence.

You will learn?
• Environmental Awareness
• Priority Targets (where to hit)
• Striking skills (how to hit)
• Releases from grabs or holds

• Improvised weapons (stuff you can find in
• your handbag to help defend you)
• How to escape if you are pinned to the ground
• Basic knife defence principles
• Facts about violence and sexual assault

Our instructor, Kelly, has been doing karate for almost 10 years and is a current Black Belt First Dan. She currently teaches karate and is also part of the Australian National Squad, has trained at the AIS and actively competes at a National level. Kelly is also a qualified personal trainer and in her final year at university to become a high school Health, Physical Education and Science teacher.

The cost is $50 per person.

No experience or fitness level necessary. (Must be over the age of 12) Maximum of 10 participants.
For bookings please contact us on 03 9889 9019 or info@vitalhabits.com.au