Personal Training


Personalised attention from a highly experienced trainer will improve your motivation, achievement and injury prevention when exercising. We're all about training smart and giving you the best opportunity to achieve sustainable health and fitness results.  Our educated and experienced trainers bring you the latest in science combined with old-fashioned, work hard ethics and unwavering enthusiasm. 

We offer a free trial session so you can get a real understanding of how Vital habits will work for you.  We conduct a complete health screening consultation  and also establish your health and fitness goals.

You can train one on one, one on two or in small group classes offering variety and  a solution that fits everyone's budget.  Personal training sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes offering flexibility for those with time restrictions.

Each session will be structured to meet your needs and progress you towards your goals.  Our philosophy is to provide our clients with functional strength and fitness that enables them to get the most our their day but also perform at the highest level for those with sporting pursuits.  So your session might include weights whether that be machine, free weights or body weight exercises, cardio exercise, core strength, stretching and rehab work. Depends on you, what you need, where you're at, where you're going. Oh and there might be some homework too.

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Many common client complaints like sore necks and lower backs can be significantly reduced through corrective therapy - the use of focused strengthening exercises and stretches to target reducing symptoms.

We often partner with local health professionals in the area to assist in the total rehabilitation of client injuries or muscular complaints.

Core strength is a really key part of the mix with corrective therapy and our Pilates machine is of great assistance to the team in this regard.


We have worked with a number of clients to train towards a significant event, like a half marathon, or to prepare for a sport season.  From golf to tennis, cycling, running, Aussie rules, soccer, rugby, netball, circus performing and even rally car driving, the list goes on.   

The team at Vital Habits get pretty excited about developing a program for our more athletically minded and seeing how far we can progress them. We can also combine your in studio training sessions with self-guided program options for you to work on in your own time.

Building towards an event is a great way to stimulate motivation levels - why not grab a friend and book in for some one on two personal training sessions in the lead up.